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Raya International

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What We Do

We introduce and promote schools to connect with students and provide them well-merited students. We help students and their parents to identify the best fit program and colleges, prepare documents to apply for admission offer.
Raya International offers a variety of services that range from helping students identify their academic strengths and weaknesses to guiding the parents on how to access programs that provide better opportunities for their children.

Universities Admission Consulting

Internships and jobs

Housing and Travel Assistance

Creating Resume and Personal Statement

Evaluation Service

Translation Services

About Us

Raya International Inc is a Canadian Educational Consultant Agency helps students around the World to who wish to study in Canada and Europe.
With experienced and certified education consultants, Raya International believes in ensuring a valuable service quality to parents and students. Our excellent network with Schools and Universities helps us to deliver superlative services to our clients.
Our team is specialized to assist you find the right university, college or school in the Canada and Europe consistent with your educational background and career goals.  Safe and assured education for your child is a goal worth living for, and we offer a range of services for every family’s needs.

We as a Canadian Educational Consultant Agency are specialized in optimizing students’ choices, empowering them with confidence and success skills to ace their academics. Work with our experts, you can implement better strategies to succeed in your job.


As a Canadian educational consultant Agency from Vancouver, we have been serving families from across North America, Europe and Asia with local offices’ assistance. With expertise in public, faith-based, private and charter schools, we offer competitive pricing with the best possible education for your international and domestic students.
Raya International provides a variety of service to students, including:

⦁ Collaboration Services to Institutions
⦁ Course Selection
⦁ Educational Counselling
⦁ English language classes

⦁ Entrance Exams- Coaching Classes
⦁ Immigration assistance (Refer to the Partner Immigration Service Providers)
⦁ Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges
⦁ Part Time Job Guidance

⦁ Pre Departure and Post Arrival Services
⦁ Psychometric testing (Partner Offices)
⦁ Registration for Entrance and English tests
⦁ Scholarship Assistance

⦁ Student Accommodation
⦁ Student Airport pickup & Assistance
⦁ Study Abroad Loan Assistance
⦁ University Selection

Raya Internatioanl has prepared valuable resources for students and families. We can help with personal college counseling, application essay editing, scholarship applications, financial aid advising, standardized testing preparation, admissions guidance and more. Our educational consultants will work with you to design and implement your education plan.

Contact Us

We’re based in Vancouver but our clients are from coast-to-coast –and around the world. Why not reach out to us

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